Veronica’s tips on coping with the coronavirus outbreak.

Getting the support you need is critical.

We offer Online Group, Individual and Couples Support for children, teens, parents, and those who are struggling with relationship stress and traumatic grief and loss especially during this incredibly challenging time.

Bhava is a Sanskrit word that refers to our emotional and mental state of mind. It is both a descriptive and action-oriented word that means “being” and “becoming”. Bhava also refers to the act of setting or receiving an attitude of peace, vitality and wellness.

Bhava most poignantly expresses what we do and provide to every person who walks through our door. At Bhava Therapy Group, we fully respect and value the unique “being” of each person who turns to us for help. We are committed to doing our very best to facilitate and guide each person along their path of “becoming” their most healthy and vital self.