COVID Can Help Your Relationship

As time drags on in this pandemic limbo, relationship tensions are rising and pouring out and all over one another and not always in the healthiest of ways. Heightened emotionality, lashing out at one another at the slightest rub, or alternatively checking out and going numb are a few of the coping behaviors we fall back.

Experiencing the differences between how you and your partner cope in such times of upheaval can be disappointing, scary, head-spinning and hurtful. Bad habits of coping with the stress and misguided attempts of trying … Read More

Please Stop Calling This Our “New Normal,” There is Nothing Normal About This!

We are in the midst of a global pandemic and there is nothing “Normal” about this. So let’s stop referring to this period of time we find ourselves living in as our “New Normal”?

Normal implies experiences that are expected and typical with respect to a certain set of circumstances.  Human beings alive today never experienced anything quite like this and life as we know it now is so far from what anyone could or would ever conceive of as typical, expected or predictable. It is so very far from 
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Now What? Living in a Covid19-Governed World

Now What? Reflections on Life Now as It Is….

This is real. Life as we knew it is shutting down and we find ourselves more and more shut off from one another. We are in the middle of a pandemic and suddenly, abruptly our lives are becoming what we have only seen on screen in the movies. Its surreal, things are slower, its eerie and scary, its isolating, its quiet and so much more. Now what?

With more and more restrictions imposed each day, as the numbers of the spread … Read More

Ways to Manage Your Worry, Fear and Panic During Coronavirus

We are writing to you to address this unusual time we all find ourselves in with the rise of Coronavirus in our world and community. As new information and realities of the spread of this virus grows, and while uncertainty for exactly what or how this will unfold persists, anxiety, fear and panic have also been swelling. We wanted to offer some words and suggestions that we hope can help you and your loved ones better navigate this period of not-knowing where or what will happen next, because we understand Read More

Say Goodbye to the Stigma Around Mental Health

October 10th was World Mental Health Awareness Day. I’m curious, did the day prompt you to think more deeply about or relate more intentionally and compassionately to your mental health and the mental health of others? Chances are, as is the case with most of these important well-intentioned-awareness-building-themed days, the day passed with a nod of slight acknowledgment and then life carried on as usual.

Prominent figures like Prince Harry, Michael Phelps and Lady Gaga who have boldly shared about their genuine mental health struggles and how beneficial psychotherapy has … Read More